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At aPerfectTree.com, we can treat trees for many ailments. Since 1994, we've been serving Plano, Texas and surrounding counties and communities.

Our Certified Arborist (TX-3236B) uses a safely applied chemical that we are licensed and certified to apply to treat your trees for insects and or disease.

Unfortunately there is no “cure” for some problems and at times the solution is removing the tree. However, there are many ongoing treatments which can prolong the life of your trees and help prevent the spread of the ailments, such as fungal Oak Wilt attacks.

Mistletoe Treatment

At aPerfectTree.com..., LLC, we're currently working on a safe treatment to kill Mistletoe. Until then, we trim out the infested smaller limbs or branches and remove the stalks on larger limbs to reduce the spreading of the plant. Mistletoe spreads as birds feed on berries. Then berries / pitts go through the birds rooting into the limb from the bird droppings. Mistletoe roots into the tree and steals what it needs from the tree. This can be detrimental to trees especially during droughts. The Mistletoe then grows after a year or two and by then we can't remove the entire infected limb. On a lighter note, there are people who worship mistletoe, which is the main reason we are reluctant to call mistletoe a parasite.

We are experts at trimming and pruning your Mulberry, Ash, Bradford Pear, Maple, Red Oak, Live Oak, and really any tree and/or Palm. Proper care and mainteance will help it to live a long and healthy life and continue to enhance your property value and beautify, not hide, your home or business.

Also we are aware of the many Texas City Codes and ordnances and can keep you in compliance. Remember, installing cables in trees is a treatment and NOT A CURE. Typicall trees that need cables should be replaced.

Make sure to hire certified Arborists

At aPerfectTree.com, we care enough about trees to obtain our certifications and maintain them through Continuing Education Units or C.E.U.’s. Are your trees or the life of someone under your tree worth the risk of hiring uninsured Arborist that are not Certified ? We constantly update and research new treatments and information to maintain and increase the life of your trees.

Our objective is to have a Certified Arborist on every job. Many companies claim to have a certified Arborist but do not. To know if you're hiring a Certified Arborist, their number should be clearly stated in their ads. Certified Arborists carry I.D. that proves the claim. So when you hire an Arborist, just ask for it.

To verify Certified Arborists visit:

www.treesaregood.com or http://www.isa-arbor.com/findarborist/findarborist.aspx and follow the links to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). See also http://www.isatexas.com/, Click "Find an Arborist"or "Verify an Arborist"

Curtis Hopper is also Certified in Texas Oak Wilt #TOWC-0082 - www.texasoakwilt.org

For complete Arborist services call 214-288-0783 or e-mail me curtishopper@hotmail.com.

Curtis Hopper is a proud member of:

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA),ISA Texas, Western Chapter ISA,(Hawaii),Aloha Arborist Association,San Antonio Arborist Association, Texas Dapartment of Agriculture, The National Arbor Day Foundation, 2004 International Tree Climbing Competition Judge Pittsburgh, PA. 2016 International Tree Climbing Competition Judge San Antonio, TX.

I volunteer every chance I get to serve the young climbers and all in our industry

Service Area

We offer full tree care and arborist services in Collin, Dallas and Rockwall counties.

We also serve the following Texas cities:
Plano, McKinney, Allen, Murphy, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Dallas, Frisco, Sachse, Wylie, Lucas, Richardson, Rowlett and Garland.

Our Priority

10-time Super Service Award Winner!!


International Society of Arboriculture Board Certified Master Arborist
Curtis Hopper TX-3236B

​Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Texas Oak Wilt Certification TOWC-0082

Texas Department of Agriculture Pest Control
License TDA #0486846

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