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Trees require pruning to help them coexist with their surroundings and balance energy into beautiful foliage. Every time a tree is cut, you change its growth or cause damage. This is not to say you shouldn't trim and prune, but trimming and pruning need to be done correctly to ensure the health of trees.

What is the Difference Between Trimming and Pruning?

While ANSI Arborist standards only recognizes the term "pruning", it has become common for many people and business to use both terms/phrases... tree trimming and tree pruning. A lot of companies use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference. Pruning is done to remove unnecessary branches on a tree or shrub. Trimming is done to promote healthy growth. Pruning and trimming are typically carried out at different times of the year, using different types of equipment.

Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming helps your trees, shrubs, and hedges grow in a healthy manner. If you have trees or shrubs on your property that are looking a bit "wild," you can shape them with tree trimming service and get them looking great. Have some trees that have some massive branches growing out of proportion? Maybe one wild branch is blocking light into your home or finding its way into a power line. Tree trimming services can help in these cases.

Tree Pruning Service

Pruning is typically in reference to removing unnecessary branches and sometimes even roots. The branches may be dead and need to be removed from the tree. Pruning helps with unwanted growth. For pruning, shears are of the tool of choice. They're strong enough to cut through thing branches. For thicker branches, we may use a saw. It's best for the tree if pruning takes place before the spring growth flush. Some diseases, like Oak Wilt, can spread when pruning wounds give access to the disease during the wrong time of the year.

Types of Tree Pruning Techniques

  • Cleaning – The removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree.
  • Thinning – Selective branch removal to improve structure and increase light penetration and air movement through the crown. Proper thinning opens the foliage, reduces the weight of heavy limbs, and helps retain the tree's shape.
  • Raising – Removes the lower branches from a tree to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and vistas.
  • Reduction – Reduces the size of a tree, often for utility line clearance.

Need Tree Trimming and Pruning Service in the Plano and Dallas Area?

A Perfect Tree has experience trimming and pruning all types of trees found in Central Texas. If you have a tree growing in every direction and would like to shape it and make sure it grows correctly, we can help. Have some rouge branches found their way into power lines or other no go places? Call us today or send a message.

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